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Browse GSS Variables

* This webpage covers the variables in GSS 1972-2006 only. Please visit the GSS Data Explorer or the Codebook to access variables in all years and updated information.

Mnemonics Index

Index listing all codebook variables in alphabetic order. 1 page per first letter of the variable name ( mnemonic ).

Sequential Index

Index listing all codebook variable in sequence order. 1 page per 1/26th of the variables.

Subject Index

Two level index of variables by subject matter and keyword. The top level is divided into general alphabetic categories. The bottom level is divided into specific topic pages.


A series of variable groupings in four categories:

  • Topic Modules - Variables grouped by topic.
  • ISSP Modules - Variables grouped by ISSP topic.
  • Years - Variables grouped by the year they were used.
  • Themes - Variables grouped by thematic issues.


NOTE: This section allows users to browse GSS variables within the Nesstar data environment. However, users cannot access advanced Nesstar features from this section. Click here to access the full version of the Nesstar data environment and perform data analysis with the GSS.

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